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Water Damage Tucson

You have water damage. You have our sympathy. No time to delay.

Water-Damage-Restoration-in-Mission-ViejoWater must be removed before mold and mildew begins to grow.

Carpets and Rugs – Our commercial grade water extraction equipment will remove up to 95% of the water in carpets and rugs, cleaning them in the process. At your option, we can treat carpets and rugs with a disinfectant to kill any fungi or bacteria that may be present.

Deordorizing – Carpets and rugs that have been wet for more than a few hours will begin to smell. Bacteria in the carpet can multiple rapidly and produce odors. At your option, we can apply a deodorizing agent that will destroy odor causing bacteria, neutralize any pet odors, and leave the carpet smelling pleasantly fresh.

Basement and Room Dry Out – Once standing water has been removed a room or basement will still be damp. We have large fans that can quickly draw remaining moisture from carpet and tile floors, speeding time to total dryness.


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