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Mold Removal in Phoenix Az

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Exposure to mold  in  living spaces has the potential to create serious health conditions. Symptoms can range from allergic reactions, respiratory problems to skin, eye, nose, and throat irritations. and asthma.

We have a unique new mold removal system. This solution can save you thousands of dollars. Using this system we have saved kitchens, bathrooms and even your walls.This system is not only very effective in mold removal but is safe. We have been perfecting this process for over a year and it has a final clearance test, “pass rating” of 100%.  The process can’t be used every time.

We have one of the best pass/fail records out there in traditional mold remediation.

Dont let mold damage go unchecked

Who we are:  We been  mold removal contractor since 1985. We are licensed and insured and have professional mold removal technicians.

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Mold Inspections Phoenix

Have you notice an odor in your home or business? or, see something that is out of the ordinary, or perhaps you recently had some sort of water damage. We can help you determine if mold is present. We work with a certified hygienist for any testing that is needed.
Certified Mold Investigator
We do a visual inspection of your house or building where mold is suspected ,then  take humidity readings and  temperatures  of contaminated areas to confirm the presence, amount and causes of mold. More on Mold Inspection is here


Water Damage and  Extraction

We can remove up to 95% of the water in carpeting using our commercial grade water extraction system. This also cleans them in the process and  if you opt to do so we can also  treat with a disinfectant to kill any fungi or bacteria. We also have large fans to dry out any area after the water has been removed.

For more on Water Damage and Extraction click here

Other services include Asbestos removal Fire restoration and carpet cleaning

Call us we would be happy to answer and questions that you may have about any of our services.