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Multiple Chemical Sensitivities

What is MCS?

Multiple Chemical Sensitivities is a medical condition characterized by debilitating chemical sensitivities. People who are chemically sensitive are made sick by exposures to chemicals found in many common products such as pesticides, perfumes, tobacco smoke, new carpet, air fresheners, new paint, building materials, many cleaning and laundry products. Most of these chemicals will make everyone sick at high levels, but chemically sensitive people exposures to even small amounts of these substances can cause symptoms. Some chemically sensitive people are only mildly affected while others have the more severe forms of the illness called MCS.

Creating a Healthier Environment

Reducing exposures to chemicals improves the health of those with MCS. Better air quality also helps promote the health of everyone. The following are ways to create a healthier environment.

Avoid pesticides, use least toxic integrated pest management

Avoid newly built or remodeled buildings, or build with less toxic materials

Avoid new paint and solvent-based stains and transparent finishes

Avoid new carpets

Avoid gasoline, solvent, dry cleaning and tar fumes

Avoid tobacco smoke and vehicle exhaust

Use least toxic, natural and unscented cleaning, sanitizing and laundry products

Avoid perfume, cologne and scented personal care products

Avoid air fresheners, sprays, incense and fragrance emitting devices

Use electric utilities or radiant heat

Open windows, ventilate buildings with clean fresh air and or use portable room air filters

At Artistic we specialize in a customized chemical protocol that meets the needs of each customer. We use many safe chemicals and have had great results doing mold remediation, water damage and just general cleaning. Our company is working on some solutions that are based on essential oils for environmental cleaning and mold prevention. Negative pressure containments and the use of special filters in our air scrubber helps to remove and destroy air born contaminants. We are also working on a design for the air filtering system inside the containments that will closely copy a clean room design.