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Mold Inspection Tucson

Perhaps you notice an odor, see something unusual, have had recent water damage, are in the middle of a real estate transaction, or maybe you are just concerned about your health. Whatever the case may be, we can help you determine if unwanted mold growth is present in your home or business. We work with a hygienist for any testing that is needed. Regardless of what is causing the abnormal symptoms inside your home or business, we will determine what is causing them and let you know exactly what needs to be done in order to fix them.Certified Mold Investigator


The process begins with a thorough visual inspection of your property and use of a thermal imaging camera and moisture meter throughout the premises. We’ll identify any red flags areas like water intrusion, excess moisture, and/or visible growth. Once we have pinpointed the area(s) of greatest concern, the client and inspector will agree upon a plan for mold removal.

Mold tends to grow and co-exist with plants, decay and soil. An environment with rich moisture, damp and wet areas within your home calls for mold infiltration. Mold thrives in a rich moist environment. Within in a house, they are usually seen in bathrooms, sinks, walls, basements, and windows. An area that has water leakage or water accumulation is a perfect ground for mold to grow. The mold enters into the living space as spores and finds suitable places for growth and when ideal conditions are met, mold grows rapidly. Damp areas indoor is a welcome for mold. The mold destroys things like wood and spoils valuable things on which it grows. If mold is not taken care, it grows into a monstrous problem for your home. mold inspection tucson

Mold inspection services in and around Tucson, Arizona assist you in locating potential areas of threat and give you suggestions on how to prevent the mold from growing further and destroy things. We do mold inspection in Phoenix too