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Artistic Carpet & Restoration Inc. has been owned and operated by Annibal family for over 27 years and are the Best Professional Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services in the Tucson Az area. We take lots of pride in our cleaning and that has been a family way for years.

Clean commercial carpets can be very beneficial to any professional environment. Due to the higher amount of traffic that happens compared to residential carpet, it needs to be cleaned much more efficiently to keep it as clean and maintained as possible. Empire carpet care can make sure that your customers and employees have a clean and safe carpet to walk on with our top of the line cleaning equipment and highly respected carpet repair services.

stairs-66513_640Using low quality carpet cleaners can not only make your professional environment look dirty, but can also ruin the carpet completely, making you have to pay an immense amount of money to have it replaced. While trying to keep your carpet cleaned by yourself might seem cost efficient, it will be very time consuming and usually ineffective due to the amount of daily traffic that goes over it everyday. We will work with you to ensure that you have the best carpet cleaning experience as possible and can guarantee your satisfaction.


Our reputation proves that we provide superior services that will make sure you will no longer need to find any different carpet cleaners to contact. Our reviews and testimonials can provide you a better insight of other experiences from our customers. If we find that your carpet needs repair, we can assist you with making it look brand new again and help make sure that it is safe for all your employees as well as customers. We have plenty of other carpet care services that can help any business such as color repair, deodorization, re-installations, and more! Don’t hesitate to contact us as soon as possible with any questions you might have about our commercial carpet cleaning services in the Tucson, we will be gladly able to answer them for you.