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Black Mold Tucson

rons phone 930Black Mold Tucson

Black Mold in Tucson can be found in about every place there has been a water leak. Some water leaks are hard to find and don’t bring in enough water to be noticeable. The picture was taken on a Mold Inspection before purchasing a house. There were no complaints about past water leaks in any areas of the house. This was found in the corner of a bedroom a way from a window. After setting up the proper safety devices we removed the drywall and followed the water damage up to the roof. There was a small leak at the corner of the roof. With negative pressure inside our containment area the roof made the necessary repairs to the roof. The roofer tested his repairs while the drywall was removed for a visual inspection.

Black Mold Removal

Now that the water leaks have been repaired we can remove the Black Mold from the wall. With containment and negative air set up. We will finish removing any moldy materials and cut at least 18 inches around all side to make sure there is nothing missed. Using wire brushes and sand paper to clean all the wood studs so all staining is removed. Now we can hepa vacuum and wipe all surfaces with a safe ant-microbial ( Then we can seal the surfaces to prevent future mold growth. Cleaning the surfaces again and covering all open walls with 6ml plastic. Environmental clean inside the containment area and all equipment that has been used. Now we can remove negative air and leave it to scrub the air. We always wait at least 3 hours before doing our final environmental clean. After about 24 hours the hygienist will come in and test the area. When the test results come back all clear, then we will remove the containment and air scrubber. Time to put the house back together and move forward knowing the job was done right.